America loves K-cups, but instant coffee rules the world

K-cups. I’ve seen this here in SA but prefer instant coffee.


Beaten into shape

What is your ultimate goal in life? Does it focus on material acquisitions or personal self -growth and development?

I take your permission to briefly tell you about my ultimate goal. I am committed to reaching an elevated spiritual level of the higher self – one from within and, without.  Thank you for allowing me to tell you about my life’s purpose.

What does that even mean? Disclaimer again: the higher self I’m referring to is NOT the one achieved through substance abuse.

Currently working with an NPO, we are fortunate to visit areas and communities who live without the basic comforts of life.  Note: not creature comforts, but basic comforts including tarred roads, access to piped tapped water in their homes, proper sanitation facilities and close living proximity of supermarkets, schools, libraries and clinics.

Walking with community member down windy sandy paths to their makeshift homes and prayer/learning spaces, re-adjusts the lens on one’s own life.  It inspires the one redeeming quality that can achieve a more peaceful living. It is called: Gratitude.


Gratitude does not merely mean forming the lips in speech to produce the words “Thank you”.

It is a fundamental, yet gradual mental shift to understand and appreciate that the ‘how little’ we think we may have, is exactly what we need at this present moment right now. The awareness that inspires gratitude and helps reduce unhappiness due to emotional turmoil, is the confrontation of, a thing; this thing that is part of the mental and physical body structure of human beings. The thing is called: EGO.

The ego, Eckhart Tolle explains in his book ‘A New Earth’, “tends to equate having with Being: I have therefore I am”.  This, I understand to be, an identification with things to ‘prove’ and maintain our self- worth with others through physical and material possessions. In turn, the ownership of these inanimate objects creates feelings of self-importance, superiority over others, and a false sense of one’s purpose for living. Negative emotions like complacency, indifference, anger, resentment and bitterness further strengthen the ego by giving it an identity on which to latch itself.

Thus you find yourself or others going around complaining and moaning their state of life – ‘victimising’ themselves as the sole target of their circumstances. However inconsequential that might be. I found myself like this through my years of professional working. A sense of complacency and restlessness pervaded my being; because, as a university graduate, I had not landed myself those ‘plum’ jobs as my colleagues had. Years later, I am grateful to be beaten into shape by the work I currently do. My current realm of service incorporates everything from corporate communications, to physical hard labour of receiving goods for distribution, packing the vehicles for delivery and walking with the people of the earth. I have come to understand that my sense of being and worth is not defined by that which needs doing.

This confrontation of ego and understanding the Being is also the essence of being a Muslim. The word “Jihad” literally means War. Muslims live with Jihad but, it begins with the self. The awareness and victory over one’s ego.  However, global media propaganda, preferred societal ignorance and unfortunate extremism have distorted this concept.

Jihad is the spiritual beating of oneself into shape to live a life free of ‘egoic’ conditioning of self-indulgence. And this is the essential spirit of Ramadaan. A time to sacrifice the very basic of that which humans crave for survival, and move to attain a lightness of Being which then only radiates harmony and peace. And the literal meaning of Islam, is Peace.


Nazareen Ebrahim is a young emerging entrepreneur and media practitioner with interests in digital and online media, corporate communications, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and personal development. A Modern Day Warrior for Social Good. 

The Samsung Galaxy S4 : The shiniest new light in the Tech universe of smartness

The catchy catchphrase developed for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 “Life Companion” might just about spell a full time marriage for you and your new phone, especially if you’re a ‘smart’ user. Oh go on then, we’re all smart and genii in a bottle, waiting to come out, but this phone is smart. Seriously smart.

Keen about the latest release, I decided to get smart-er about using the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and two- stepped out of the office to test the phone (and check reactions- smart or not) at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping over the weekend. A great shout-out to Samsung South Africa for a very cool pop up glam sleek display of the Galaxy S4 and super smart staff on hand to begin a much welcome ‘arranged marriage’ with members of the public and their Life Companion the Samsung Galaxy S4 😉

Want to know more? Let’s get to it then.

General Specs

–       Octa Core Processor : Your processing power just went from Bat Mobile to Star Wars spaceship

–       2 Megapixels Camera Resolution (Front)

–       13 Megapixels Camera Resolution (Rear) HD baby!

–       Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean supported by Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.

–       HD Super AMOLED – Get a Gorilla for a fight with this Gorilla glass to test its strength

–       16GB, 32GB, expandable up to 64GB via microSD

–       Accelerometer, RGB light, Geomagnetic, Proximity, Gyro, Barometer Temperature & Humidity, and gesture sensors – and we thought we were dreaming.

Is this phone ‘kooler as ekker?’

We are going to have to say.. Yes. Ever thought you would hear words that sound like they’re from a different Galaxy in the universe altogether? Well, the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes equipped with Air Gesture, Dual Shot, Sound and Shot, Air View and Smart Pause.  The features are meant to make the user’s experience seamless and more intuitive – something most of us common people thought were light years away from this Galaxy.  Seems not!

Let’s do a quick meteor ride through these latest features:

Air View:  Simply hover your over an email or diary entry and it will pop up to reveal the contents. Sneaky for checking out other peeps messages? We did not just give you that idea.

Air Gesture: Having played around with other smartphones in the Samsung range, answering a call on a touch screen device can be quite frustrating sometimes. It is great then to see that with a lazy flick of the hand, sort of like a royal wave but a miniature version of it, you can answer a call. Gesture away in answering to the call of your Samsung Galaxy S4. Mind you, just don’t smack someone in the face though. However, Air Gesture is only limited to certain apps like the photo gallery, music app, and browser.

Smart Pause:  Watching a video and someone is demanding you give them an answer? Well simply turn your head away from the screen while your video is playing and the Galaxy S4 will sense your movement and pause the video. Note that merely averting one’s eye does not pause. You need to use your neck – a little exercise never hurt anyone.

Camera, Performance and Battery Life:

Holding the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone in your hand feels like cross between the Samsung Galaxy Note and S3 – just the right size of large. Sounds strange but feels perfect. The screen resolution on the Galaxy S4 left our team breathless with its seamless transition between app screens and its delicious 5 inch display of glorious colours.

The removable cover is great too, on the Galaxy S4 for your extra battery on the day you’re trying to take over the world and look busy.

Accessorise the Life Companion:

Your Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with the standard boxed items to get going. These include: premium headphones, battery, travel adaptor and data cable and a Quick Start Guide.

Want to make your Galaxy S4 look ultra sassy? Other accessories include S View Cover, Style cover ranges for the Galaxy S4, Wireless Charging Kit and the very stylish S Health Appcessories.

The Naz Verdict:

Having lived with the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a Life Companion for about an hour, I give it a gobsmacked 8 out of ten for its light weight ability of a very large smartphone, 5 inch full HD Super AMOLED (All hail no whinging about cracked iPhone screens) and being in a photo when you weren’t actually there – shot Dual Shot!

It also gets an 8 rating because the phone has a fantastic interface and is end user friendly – We love! For our technically challenged peeps who might be daunted by Samsung Galaxy S4’s innovative new features, a quick change in settings to Easy Mode will let you breathe easy with large icons and text for easier navigation and switching off newer features.

Intuition and Big Decisions

Good morning World, friends and human beings


The world continues to spin on its axis, with the day rising and the night falling, trees growing, sea tides coming and going, and births and deaths happening all around us.


While I pray and fight strongly for human rights never to be violated, like the way it is happening to our brothers, sisters and children in Gaza, we continue to live, move and breathe. We cannot stop or we die because of our own inaction.


Action is the tonic to depression. But purposeful action is also a sign of change and change can be painful, excruciating, stressful, scary as hell, body numbing, and the cause of panic induced frenzy.

I can attest to this, having made a major decision in my life. One that took 6 months to think about and one month to make. And finally having made it is liberating but incredibly and unnervingly stressful.  Am I scared out of my mind?? You bet I am 🙂 I sometimes wish I could pull the covers over my head and wish I’d never had the desire to think the way I do, aspire for and to more, want to be better, stronger and more successful, inspire my fellow community members, help my community and be a better human being.  Why do I need to think this way? Why do I need to do things that will help me get to the point where I achieve these goals that will aid in living out my greatness?


I truly believe that we are born with a greatness that we need to live and I have been making tiny baby steps each day to do that since the day I was born.  It is sometimes easy and flows well; there are no obstacles and things happen as they were meant to be; other times, the waves crash and beat around you, you are pushed over backwards, the air is squeezed from you and your throat constricts itself with nowhere to breathe, speak or scream.  Do you die? Do you give in? Never.


And that is why I am writing this blog post today. Because as I head closer to my 30th year of living, being, working, loving, serving, being annoyed at times with the world, screaming, laughing, crying, wanting, desiring, moving, talking, being happy, being sad, I continue to challenge myself, make decisions that I think afterwards ” what the hell were you thinking??????” these are steps that one makes towards living one’s greatness.  


Listen to close trusted advisors but ultimately make your decision that is at peace with your intuition and responsible thinking, love and care for your family, stay loyal to those that deserve it, always have a mentor or spiritual guide who will serve you well and most of all, never let anyone steal your dreams and tell you that you can’t make or won’t or don’t have the energy to it. 


Today’s journey is so hard, but tomorrow’s destination will be sweet and I know that all this will have been worth every tear, drop of sweat, and pang of despair I have ever felt. 


I wish you every good thought, best wish and positive light on your way to your greatness.